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Patient Support Groups

The Cancer Center at Overlook Hospital offers a wide range of support services that not only enhance our patients' medical care, but also help our patients and their families cope with cancer. For more information, please call (908) 522-5255.

The professionally-led support groups are a great way to get emotional support and advice from other individuals who are going through similar challenges.

Living With Cancer

A support group for individuals undergoing treatment and their significant others. Speaker-led sessions cover topics such as treatment, family role dynamics, nutrition, and coping with physical changes. There are also open discussion forums.

I Cancer-Vive

An eight-week intensive program designed to teach patients and caregivers mind body techniques that promote emotional and spiritual healing, and wellness.

Hands and Hearts

A drop-in support group that uses arts and crafts to create a healing and supportive environment for patients and caregivers.

Guided Imagery

A weekly program that uses visualizations to enhance the patientÂ’s immune system and emotional well-being.

Gentle Yoga

A gentle yoga class designed for cancer patients and survivors. Includes mild exercise, stretching and breathing to promote awareness, spirituality and calmness. A brief meditation period is included at each class.

Look Good, Feel Better

A joint program with the American Cancer Society designed to help patients undergoing cancer treatment manage appearance-related side effects.

Post Treatment Group

An open support group for patients who have completed their cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Support Group

A support group for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers to provide emotional support and self care tips.

Brain Tumor Support Group

Support group for patients with brain tumors and/or their families.

Ostomy Support Group

Professionally-led for ostomy patients and their families to provide support and patient information.

Creative Caring

A group for children age six to 12 years old who have a parent diagnosed with cancer. They learn to deal with family cancer issues using expressive therapy techniques including art, drama and play therapies.

Bereavement Group

A support group for people who have lost a loved one to cancer.